NOV 17 & 18, 2022 | AUCKLAND NZ

New Standards of Excellence

Climate change, pandemics, labour morality, and digital innovation are re-shaping the world of business. New consumer and investor values and behaviours are driving new definitions of business excellence. In particular we see the emergence of Environmental, Social and Governance standards (ESG)  in a fast moving digital world.

NZBEF brings this new world to you.

A world where excellence will be assessed and reported in new ways, to ensure consumer values are delivered, and old frameworks of excellence are challenged.

The Quest for Excellence conference seeks to clarify what excellence means to business, now; what these new standards are, and how innovation is essential to deliver them. It also looks at the new requirements for cybersecurity and data privacy.


It proposes an Audacious Goal: To become the most Innovative ESG and Cyber safe country in the world in order to establish a competitive advantage and attract talent and financial capital.


But we need to understand these new standards, have smart systems and have competent practitioners to ensure that we deliver these brand values.

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Day 1 - New Standards of Excellence

Focus on ESG


The Conference will begin with a keynote from accomplished TED speaker Lorna Davis from New York. She has served as President for multinational consumer goods companies Danone, Kraft and Mondelez. She served as CEO and Chairwoman of Danone North America where she established the $6 Billion entity as a Public Benefit Corporation, and achieved B Corp status, making it the largest B Corp in the world. It is now regarded internationally as the world’s best practice in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

Lorna will introduce us to the ISSB Standards for corporate reporting that emerged from COP 26.  


April Mackenzie CEO of XRB (NZ External Reporting Board) will provide a briefing on how New Zealand will be a global leader in developing and delivering climate disclosures and the External Reporting Board’s work on developing ESG Guidelines that are unique to Aotearoa New Zealand.


New Zealand Leaders of the sustainable business movement will bring context to New Zealand business:  

  • Mike Burrell, CEO of the Sustainable Business Council, representing the top 130 corporates in NZ, will talk about the importance of ESG to NZ Business.

  • Joanna Kelly, CEO of the Centre for Sustainable Finance will discuss why these standards are important for investors and investees.

  • David Downs, CEO of NZ Story talks about why this is important for the New Zealand Brand.


This team will discuss a BHAG - 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' - agenda: “Can NZ be the leading ESG innovative country in the world, and what do we need to do to deliver this?"  They will challenge our leading advertising agencies to show how they would position that proposition to the world. Their creative results will be judged at a session at the end of the conference.


Inspiring New Zealand Companies

Leading business, agriculture and financial organisations will explain their ESG strategies and deployment experience.

  • Auckland University will discuss how they became a world leading ESG University.

  • Kiwi Bank rated 92% in the B-Corp standard will talk about their successes.

  • More to be confirmed 


The Importance of Governance and Reporting

Mike Burrell (SBC), April Mackenzie (XRB) and others, will discuss how change must come from board governance and the reporting process.


Closing Remarks

The first day will end with a reminder from Andrew Baines, CEO of Exemplar Global, the world’s leader of auditor certification, that auditing and reporting on these new standards requires not only good frameworks, but well-trained professional practitioners. And of course, commitment.


Day 1 ends with drinks sponsored by Lion who's ESG strategy, deployed right down to the individual level, has inspired their employees to develop their own sustainable goals.

Let's celebrate the NZ and International Best Practice winners.

Day 2 - Focus on Cyber

The Conference will begin

Sir Ian Taylor, a living, breathing model of ESG innovation, will tell the ARL (animation research Limited) story, and exemplify the ESG innovation brand to which we aspire.

Tech NZ

It is innovation that will enable ESG to be a powerful positive force providing new opportunities and cost reductions. Tech NZ gives us a run-down on some of the exciting innovations that are enabling ESG for competitive advantage.


A Digital Vision for New Zealand: How digital will help NZ attain its ESG goals and provide NZ with a zero carbon growth industry


The Cyber Island?

Can NZ business develop a reputation as a secure, safe, data haven, that attracts talent and investment? And what standards of excellence are important to make this happen?     

The challenge will be answered by a panel consisting of:

  • Jennie Vickers, Global Security Influencer of the Year 2021, was CEO of the NZ Defence Industry Association (2017-2021) and is currently CEO of Zeopard Law, as well as a consultant to Fortinet.

  • Hilary Walton, Kordia’s CISO, ex-intelligence services operative and the data/information security manager for the 2012 London Olympics.

  • Phil Whitmore, KPMG’s Cyber Security Practice Head who is expert at cracking your cyber security to prove you need help.

  • Jason Woods, ISACA Auckland Board Chair and President of Triple Ledger Limited talks about his specialty in IT Auditing/Consulting and Blockchain/Crypto.

  • Carew Hatherley, MD of The IQM Group and a NZ representative for ISO 27001, who has a background in military information/cyber warfare.


Small Business Excellence 

The conference explores how digital opens-up opportunities to build excellence into small business clusters and supply chains. We examine case studies from Australia and explore how we could take those approaches into our own country:

  • Tourism Australia’s Accreditation and Awards program

  • Australia’s Small Business Digital Fitness Program


Opportunities for Māori

Vaughn Winiata, a Leading Māori Businessman & Entrepreneur, will debate with NZBEF director Keith Phillips, how these approaches could be used to build greater Māori business capacity and greater participation in supplying both government and primes. Featured will be the standards and processes needed to build trust with procurement managers.


The BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): Can NZ become the Leading ESG business Brand?

Marco Marinovich, a serial advertising agency CEO and Guru, leads a panel of NZ’s best marketing brains, to discuss the possibilities and benefits of establishing NZ business as the world’s ESG best. And challenge NZ business to go out there and make it happen.


Conclusion: The Quest for Excellence

NZBEF close the conference with a summary of the conference journey and a reminder that to make it happen we have to use the rigour of the business excellence process, understand where we are against global standards, understand where we want to be, and monitor and report on progress.

The conclusion also includes the recognition of the New Zealand Best Practice competition winners including the first ESG best practice winner.

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One of the most dramatic transformations of business excellence is taking place as we speak. Societal attitudes and global awareness is extending the purpose of business from 'delivering shareholder value’, to delivering 'sustainable value' for a planet that we all share.


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The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation was formed in 1992 by Prime Minister Jim Bolger, Sir Douglas Meyers and business leaders of the time, to bring excellence frameworks such as Baldridge, ISO, EFQM and practitioner expertise to New Zealand. Its focus is on the professional implementation of any organisational framework.


To NZBEF it is important to understand what your unique excellence is. But it is more important to commit to continuous improvement and understand where you are on the journey to attaining it.



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Quest for Excellence Conference

Nov 17-18, 2022