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Switzerland built its wealth on Security of Money. Can NZ build wealth on Security of Data?

NZBEF is proud to pull together one of the strongest teams of cybersecurity experts ever to be assembled in this country. They will provide new perspectives and debate what we need to achieve our NZ - security of data - ambitions.

They will also consider the question - Do we need to redefine what business excellence is?

Credit for doing this must go to NZBEF Director Carew Hatherley who is also the CEO of IQM, a leading auditor of data security and privacy standards - such as ISO 27001.

Carew is also the Technical Lead for ISO 2700 in the region. (And what he won’t tell you is that he was previously a Colonel of the British Army with expertise in cyber warfare.)

Meet our Conference Cyber Team:

Hilary Walton | CISO Kordia Group

Wow! Imagine being the Chief Information Security Officer of the most comprehensive cyber security offering in New Zealand.

Kordia spans telecommunications, cyber security, field services, media and broadcast, and safety of life services. It is also responsible for the network that monitors over 1/4 of the world’s oceans to ensure safety of life at sea. In an online world where cyber threats continue to rise at a rapid rate, Kordia is trusted to keep businesses safe online.

Who better to advise on how to keep your business safe?

(Just a small factoid from her past; Hilary was in charge of Cybersecurity at the London Olympics).

Jason Woods | CA, CPA, CISA, CIA, CITP, CFF, MBA, and Chair of ISACA Auckland.

Jason hails from New York and has become an acknowledged expert in cyber risk and mitigation in the financial sector.

He is CEO and Founder of the fast-growing compliance organisation Triple Ledger, specialising in anti money laundering (AML), SOC, Blockchain, and all that is required to keep your organisation safe from cyber attack.

Jennie Vickers | IFSEC Global Security Influencer of the Year - winner of the First Among Equals trophy, 2021| CEO at Zeopard Security | Professional MC | Cyber Security Keynote Speaker 'The enemy within - Who is the Real Insider Threat?' And past CEO of the NZ Defence Industry Association.

How do you become Global Security Influencer of the year? Come to the conference and find out.

Phil Whitmore: KPMG Partner Cyber Security Risk practice.

Phil is a specialist in areas such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, PCI DSS compliance, data leakage, security frameworks, physical security, and computer forensics. His detailed IT security and controls knowledge is complemented by his auditing and fraud background, which assists him in understanding practical solutions to issues.

He also draws his significant experience from KPMG, an organisation that places priority on cyber protection of its global clients.

If this team can’t help you make your data as safe as money in a Swiss Bank, NZBEF will wonder why.


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