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10 of the Best Reasons you should attend this Conference…

1. Get informed on ESG and Cyber and the biggest shifts in the meaning of business excellence since the industrial revolution. Make sure you are up to date with the views of global leaders so that you can inform your own opinions, and improve your leadership to excellence.

2. Hear from accomplished Ted Talk Speaker Lorna Davis previous Head of Danone North America and acknowledged leader in ‘Sustainable Corporations’. Get an insight into how it is done and what the benefits are.

3. Get a briefing from Mike Burell, CEO of the Sustainable Business Council on how the largest corporations in the world are reporting against sustainable goals. Put these goals into the context of your business.

4. Learn about the new standards of cyber security and data privacy from a group of acknowledged experts in the field; reflect on your own cyber vulnerabilities and how to manage them.

5. Listen to the findings of the Centre for Sustainable Finance and learn about the dramatic shifts in investor attitudes that are driving changes in behaviour. What are the trends? Where do we need to focus?

6. Discover why ESG and Cyber excellence is vital to the development of your corporate brand and understand the damage that greenwashing can cause.

7. Learn about the new tools and capabilities needed to ensure the integrity of your auditing and reporting against these new standards of excellence.

8. Explore how you can use digital technologies to drive excellence through communities like supply chains or business clusters. Focus on how we can improve small business excellence to gain the trust of big business procurement managers.

9. Share in the building of the New Zealand brand in ESG and Cyber excellence to build a national strategic advantage.

10. Network and energise with like minded New Zealanders who believe that business has a bigger purpose than profit.

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